June7 2019 I’m back.This piece is from a series based on the room I spend a lot of time in. I’ve decided to accept my limitations (i.e. can’t travel and largely confined to my home) and see what I can find to write about and draw! I am very lucky as I live on a seafront.

June 7 Amy7final

Above…my drawing of Amy.

From my window 4…….Amy speaks.

Of course I was against it from the start…but apparently my opinion counts for nothing these days. THEY said it was an honour, THEY said the time was right, THEY said that women should have a rightful place in history. Well all I can say is that THEY don’t have to stand out here all through the winter with not a soul in sight. D’you know there can be days when I hardly see anyone except maybe the odd dog walker.

On the darkest nights when the gales howl and the rain is coming down like stair rods and THEY are all tucked up in their beds, I still stand here. Come the spring tides I’m showered in salty spray, peppered with sand and pebbles. You might have thought that THEY would have had the decency to at the very least put me on a plinth, then I could have maintained some dignity…but no…I am at ground level with the hoi polloi. You know what that means…every Tom, Dick and Harry feels free to slap my bottom…they think it’s funny. Children come up and hold my hand…well that’s OK I suppose…in fact I quite like it. I can’t count the number of times when an arm goes round my shoulder and a leering face appears right next to mine for a …what do they call it? Selfie.

I wonder if they ever think what it feels like to have a perpetually smiling face…oh God what would I give for a good scream. Have I mentioned dogs? Well maybe I’ll leave that one to your imagination. There’s another thing…my foot, perpetually stuck behind me, I just long to move forwards but there’s no way: I’m rooted to the ground, you have no idea how painful that can be. Can you smell that curry?

The positives? Let me think there must be some surely. Aah, yes, there is one thing to be thankful for, d’you know no seagull has ever sat on my head or shat on me! I suppose I should be thankful for small mercies.

And what do I have to look at so intently day after day? The spot where I died, a bit ironic don’t you think, Here’s something, d’you know why they didn’t consult me in the beginning? I’ll tell you…it’s because I’m now on a different plane.

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